Payload Lander


Mayload was my final project for my Principles of Robotics class during my 4th year as an electrical engineering student. The project was to create a robot to solve a problem. My problem was creating a robot capable of returning a CubeSat payload back to earth after the mission was completed. 




General Software Flow:

The inverse kinematics equations were solved by hand, and then implemented into the Mayload ROS package.

Final I.K. Equations:

  1. ϴ3 = ATAN2[ ((Px- Bcos(ϴ1))/L) , ((-Py- Bsin(ϴ1) -L)/L) ]
  2. ϴ2 = ϴ3 - ϴ1


The robot's construction was entirely 3d-printed components & COTS hardware. The 3d-printed components were modelled in Fusion 360, as well as the rest of the assembly.

The electronics used were as follows:

Since this robot was a prototype, its looks definitely reflect that. All electronics and wiring is exposed, and there is no shielding or covers whatsoever to give it an aesthetic appeal. This was largely due to the constraint of getting the robot done in a semester. My focus was almost purely on functionality, over aesthetic appeal/having a "finished" look. Given more time, I would have worked to improve on these issues.

Final Results

Below is a video demonstrating the robot's capabilities, which was a requirement of the project.

Mayload Video

Moving forward if I were to continue working on this robot, here are some of the changes that would be made: